Laboratory of Elementary Processes in Plasma

22PT experiment

22pt Scheme
22 Pole Trap

We continue in research with 22-pole trap in our laboratory. This type of experiments was established by professor Dieter Gerlich. Our main aim is to study ion-molecular reactions at conditions similar to interstellar molecular clouds.

The most important papers:

Interaction of O− and H2 at low temperatures
Jusko P., Roučka š., Mulin D., Zymak I., Plašil R., Gerlich D., Čížek M., Houfek K., Glosík J.
The Journal of Chemical Physics (2015) 142(1) 014304.

H/D exchange in reactions of OH− with D2 and of OD− with H2 at low temperatures
Mulin D., Roučka Š., Jusko P., Zymak I., Plašil R., Gerlich D., Wester R., Glosík J.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2015) 17(14) 8732–8739.

Low-temperature ion trap studies of N+(3Pja) + H2(j) → NH+ + H
Zymak I., Hejduk M., Mulin D., Plašil R., Glosík J., Gerlich D.
The Astrophysical Journal (2013) 768(1) 86.

Stabilization of H+-H2 collision complexes between 11 and 28 K
Plašil R., Zymak I., Jusko P., Mulin D., Gerlich D., Glosík J.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (2012) 370(1978) 5066–5073.

Reactions of cold trapped CH+ ions with slow H atoms
Plašil R., Mehner T., Dohnal P., Kotrík T., Glosík J., Gerlich D.
The Astrophysical Journal (2011) 737(2) 60 (7 pages).