Laboratory of Elementary Processes in Plasma

Plasma physics group - Charles University in Prague

Welcome to the pages of our laboratory. You can find contact information and a description of our activities here. Our laboratory is situated on the ground floor of building "A" on Troja campus.

The main field of our interest is the chemistry of ionized species. Our research group is involved in the systematic study of the electron-ion recombination in low-temperature plasmas and related diagnostic methods. We are also interested in reactions of ions relevant to chemistry in interstellar space at low temperatures.

Contact person:
prof. Juraj Glosík
phone +420 951 55 2329
fax +420 284 685 095

Mail address:
prof. Juraj Glosík
Charles University, MFF KFPP
V Holešovičkách 2
180 00 Prague
Czech Republic