8th International Conference
on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas

May 20–25, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic


If you plan to publish a paper (no matter, what kind you've indicated in your abstract), there will be basically three options:

AIP Conference Proceedings

Contributions to conference proceedings will be collected during and after the conference and published, hopefully, the same year. All papers will be reviewed by one or more referees. The book will not be printed, but all papers will be open for everyone. Papers will be submitted through conference web page/login.
The Editors are: Jiří Pavlů, Jana Šafránková, and Zdeněk Němeček.
The page limit for regular contribution is 6 pages, invited and keynote talks have maximum of 10 pages.
Please, submit in one ZIPped file: (1) signed copyright form, (2) PDF of the manuscript, (3) source files (*.doc, *.tex, figures...).
Check AIP pages for manuscript styles and templates or download it directly:

The submission deadline is May 30 June 15.

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science Special Issue on "Physics of Dusty Plasmas"

Special Issue "Physics of Dusty Plasmas" of the IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. The special issue is planned to be published in April 2018. Guest Editors are Jiří Pavlů and Péter Hartmann. For styles, author instruction, and submission go directly to the journal Manuscript Central (paper styles and templates available here). When you submit your manuscript, please, indicate the paper belongs to special issue on Dusty Plasmas.
There is no page limit.
The submission deadline is June 30.

Planetary and Space Sciences Special Issue on "Dust, Atmosphere, and Plasma Environment of the Moon and Small Bodies"

We encourage those, who plan to submit contributions to the regular journal in Space-related dust and dusty plasma research (especially when connected to Moon and small bodies), to join the special issue of Planetary and Space Sciences, which was originally devoted to papers from the DAP'17 workshop held in Boulder on January 11–13, 2017. Upon mutual agreement with its guest editor, M. Horanyi, the papers from 8ICPDP will be considered for publication too. Please, let us know, when you submit your paper to this issue, since it will be indicated which papers arose from the 8ICPDP contribution. For styles, author instruction, and submission refer directly to the journal Submission System (EVISE).
The submission deadline is June 30.


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