8th International Conference
on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas

May 20–25, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Presenter info

Oral contributions

Presentations will be carried out on central computer with Windows 10Pro and standard sw: IE/Chrome/Firefox, MS Office 2016Std PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Acrobat Reader, GhostView, VLC player, Quick time player. The screen is 16:10 (1280×800 pxú. For any other software, please, contact us in advance via email.
We do not plan to provide MAC computer for presentations.
Speakers must load and check their presentations (possible media: USB-stick / CD-ROM / LAN) before their particular half-day session.

Keynote lectures: 30 minutes including discussion.
Solicited talks: 25 minutes including discussion.
Regular contribution: 20 minutes including discussion.


Dimensions of poster boards are: 150×100 cm (portrait). Posters are pinned to it (pins will be provided).

We offer printing of posters on regular or glossy-photo papers of size A0. * posters shall be send via email to 8icpdp@aurora.troja.mff.cuni.cz
We will acknowledge we've received it (especially when the files are large). If not, it probably never reached us, just write us and we will find another way how to deliver big file to us.
* The prices are:
regular paper: 15 EUR (before May 11), 30 EUR (before May 18)
photo paper: 20 EUR (before May 11), 40 EUR (before May 18)
We regret but we cannot promise printing on later dates.
* It shall be paid on-site in cash in EUR or in CZK equivalent.


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