Bus transportation will be organized from Prague (metro station Křižíkova - one of the buildings belonging to Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is located 100m from this station) on September 14.

Bus is planned to leave at 10:00

(For those, who required accommodation at the castle since 13th September, transportation will be prepared from the same place on Sunday at 15:00.)

See maps:

map of the metro stations.

street map of Križíkova station.

In the same way back transportation to the Křižíkova station will be organized on September 19.
(bus is expected to leave at ca 14:00 or 15:00)

Street connection between Prague and Hrubá Skála.

GPS coordinates of the castle Hrubá Skála:   50°32'42.09"N, 15°11'40.046"E


(some changes can still occur.... :-) )