MIB 2009 - Contributions

Abstract templates Abstract submission deadline: August 1st 2009 The final version of your abstract cannot exceed one A4 format page and should preferably be written using one of the templates provided below. Do not change any formatting in the templates! Please check that: • all text is written using the Times font • the main text is 12 pt size • the title is 18 pt size, authors 14pt, and the affiliations 10 pt • top margin is at least 3.5cm, and bottom, left and right margins at least 2.5cm

This PDF template shows how the the final printable version of you abstract should look like.
Use this LaTeX template to write your abstract. This is the preferable format! You will also need this class file in order to compile your abstract.
If you do not use LaTeX, use this RTF template to write your abstract.
If you cannot use any of the above formats, use this MS Word template.

Abstract submission

Once you have prepared your abstract, please submit it using the form below before August 1st 2009. If you have any questions or problems using these templates, please contact us.

You should use only this form to submit your abstract, files sent by email will generally not be accepted. You are encouraged to upload a final PDF version of your abstract, but the source file should always be submitted as well. You can resubmit your files - the last submitted version will be used in editorial work.

The PDF version should be in every case only one file with a .pdf extension. If you have multiple source files (for instance LaTeX source and figures), compress them into one archive and send the archive file (.tar, .zip, etc.). If you are using a word processor, we urge you to send your abstract in Rich Text Format (.rtf extension) instead of MS Word (.doc extension).

Note! You must provide the same email adress as the one you used on the registration page, because it is used for identification.

First name:
Last name:
Files to upload: (please both files simultaneously)
PDF version:
Source file:

After submitting, wait for your files to upload and read the confirmation message. This can take some time, depending on the file size(s) and your internet connection speed.

Poster guidelines

The maximum dimensions of posters should be 90 cm in width and 120 cm in height, corresponding to the A0 paper size.
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