Open PhD-doctoral student positions
funded partly through the Visegrad+Japan project NaMSeN and the Czech-German project:     
The work shall involve (according to interest and actual needs) these topics: 

- Optical micro-spectroscopy of silicon nanostructures
  ("extreme" spectroscopy)
- Absolute quantum yield and absorption cross-sections measurements
- Chemical modification of Si nanocrystals 
- Atomic force microscopy
- Kinetics of excitation and deexcitation of Si nanocrystals

Ideal candidate
should have thorough knowledge of classical and quantum physics, mainly optics and optical spectroscopy, methods of treatment of experimental data etc. Knowledge of experiment automatization, programming or even chemistry, lasers, vacuum and cryogenic technique etc. should be an advantage.

. and, of course, fluent knowledge of English is necessary.

But the most important is your self-motivation to contribute to the perspective field of silicon nano-photonics.

The PhD study lasts usually 4 years
(there is an evaluation every year that desides about continuation or termination of the PhD candidate)

The deadline for submitting application papers is April 30, 2016.
However, I should  preselect a candidate  before this deadline - therefore I require submitting of a letter of interest, CV, and two references by April 10 to my email address.

An entrance examination takes place June 22 or 23, 2016 at the faculty.
The study
starts officially only once per year around October 1st

(but for motivated young researchers (MSc) we can arrange a "pre-PhD" stay starting any time).

More details are here [pdf]

Please, contact Jan Valenta for additional information.

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