Department of Surface and Plasma Science


In order to govern the research efficiently, the department is divided into following laboratories:

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Group of Plasma Physics and Numerical SimulationsGroup of Plasma Physics and Numerical Simulations
is devoted to study of low temperature plasma from point of view of elementary processes and transport phenomena with accent on the diagnostic methods and applications.
Surface Physics Laboratory Surface Physics Laboratory
has been taking aim at investigation of surface properties of solids, namely by the methods of electron and ion spectroscopy and diffraction. Surface processes and behaviour of solids at surfaces play an essential role in development of advanced technologies and fabrication of new materials in many crucial industrial branches.
Thin Films Physics LaboratoryThin Films Physics Laboratory
is focused on experimental and theoretical study of processes at growth of ordered nanostructures on oriented semiconductor surfaces directly observed with atomic resolution by scanning tunneling microscopy.

Space Physics Laboratory
Space Physics Laboratory
is oriented on experimental and theoretical investigations of the solar wind plasma and its interaction with the Earth's magnetic field. These investigations are connected with a development of new measuring methods and experiments for space observations and with laboratory simulations of processes in the space.
Vacuum Physics LaboratoryVacuum Physics Laboratory
is focussed on the research of processes in volume and on surface of the vacuum systems and is concerned with problems of the low-pressure metrology.
Nanomaterials LaboratoryNanomaterials Laboratory
focuses on the investigation of surfaces of solids and on the applied research of the outcoming functional materials. The SPL-MSB group also provides open access to their scientific instruments as a part of the European research infrastructure CERIC-ERIC.

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