WDS 2023 — Proceedings of Contributed Papers — Physics

Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of Doctoral Students – WDS 2023

Prague, May 30 – June 1, 2023

Edited by Jana Šafránková and Jiří Pavlů, MATFYZPRESS, Prague, 2023,
ISBN 978-80-7378-503-1.

Suggested reference example:
N. Xirogiannopoulou, O. Goncharov, J. Šafránková, and Z. Němeček, Dependence of Foreshock Structures on Solar Wind Conditions, in WDS'23 Proceedings of Contributed Papers — Physics (eds. J. Šafránková and J. Pavlů), Prague, Matfyzpress, pp. 64–70, 2023.

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2023 Book of abstracts (PDF).


Welcome to the 32nd Annual Conference of Doctoral Students in physical study branches, captured in the pages of the traditional WDS~Proceeding now in your hands. The conference, spanning from May 30 to June 1, 2023, unfolded in the vibrant city of Prague, hosted by Charles University at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The proceeding is compiled from 38 student manuscripts successfully navigated the peer review process, with only three submissions not making the final cut this year.

Each manuscript is reviewed by two referees (96 in sum), a unique approach we use to support student growth in presentation of their results in a foreign language and in response to referees feedback. Our format mirrors scientific journal procedures, with one referee being a fellow doctoral student. This dual role allows them to develop review-writing skills, often in a field slightly different from their own, offering valuable experience for their future endeavors.

The second referee, drawn from experienced researchers (this year, over 40 % are international experts, including former faculty students at foreign universities), brings depth to the review process. We extend our gratitude to all 96 referees for their understanding and significant contributions, which have maintained the Proceedings' high quality, evident in the over 1001 citations to articles from previous volumes in the Web of Science database.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all speakers and participants for fostering a productive and friendly atmosphere throughout the conference. Last but not least, appreciation is extended to our colleagues and cooperating students for their invaluable assistance before and during the conference. Finally, we highlight the contribution of AI in the creation of the preface text and the figure, which is certainly noticeable.

Editors thank to following referees: S. Agarwal, G. Anglada, T. Antonsen, C. Armstrong, C. Bartsch, P. K. Basuvaraj, B. Bezdekova, M. Bhatia, A.-L. Bjerknes, L. Ceháková, K. Cinkraut, E. Defer, S. Demes, S. Dhib, P. Dohnal, K. Drastichova, K. Dryahina, S. Ďurčányová, T. Durovcova, I. Dvořáková, R. C. Fortenberry, M. Fraenz, T. Fürstová, M. Hanzelka, M. Hejduk, O. E. Hernández Alvarez, F. Hložek, E. Holtanová, T. Husek, M. Chvál, V. Ilbeigi, V. Istokskaia, S. Jelinek, K. Jiratova, P. Jusko, P. Kacovsky, K. Kampf, V. Karas, G. Karwasz, M. Kassayova, Z. Kluková, P. Kolář, M. Kolesar, F. Koller, I. Kolmasova, T. Kopřiva, Z. Koupilová, V. Krupar, V. Kumar, A. T. LaMoury, J. Legerska, A. Lipstein, P. Lukes, H. Maeda, N. Machado Crespo, M. Makita, D. Mandikova, M. Matasova, E. Maťaš, N. Medvedev, J. Mikšovský, L. Moravsky, F. Nemec, A. Nikitin, L. Nouzak, J. Novotny, H. Oliveira, B. Park, M. Pawlak, R. Perekrestov, F. Perez-Invernon, A. Pirozhkov, R. Plasil, V. Pokorný, S. Ramazanov, J. Riha, P. Rubovic, M. Ryston, A. Salohub, D. Sambunath, A. Samsonov, O. Santolik, V. Saxena, A. Silwal, M. Snetinova, B. Stachová, M. Stano, R. Svarc, P. Šrámková, M. Tichy, L. Uvarova, V. Vozda, A. Vratny, S. Walan, N. Xirogiannopoulou, and V. Žák.

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Jana Šafránková and Jiří Pavlů

Part — Physics (ISBN 978-80-7378-503-1)

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