WDS 2018 — Proceedings of Contributed Papers — Physics

Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of Doctoral Students – WDS 2018

Prague, June 5–7, 2018

Edited by Jana Šafránková and Jiří Pavlů, MATFYZPRESS, Prague, 2018,
ISBN 978-80-7378-374-7.

Suggested reference example:
Záhlava, J., Němec, F., Santolík, O., Kolmašová, I., Parrot, M., Lightning Contribution to the VLF Wave Intensity Observed by DEMETER in the Upper Ionosphere, in WDS'18 Proceedings of Contributed Papers — Physics (eds. J. Šafránková and J. Pavlů), Prague, Matfyzpress, pp. 77–84, 2018.

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The traditional WDS Proceedings in your hands is composed of the contributions which have been presented during the 27th Annual Conference of Doctoral Students that was held in Prague, at Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics from June 5 to 7, 2018. The Proceedings is limited to physical study branches and it is compiled from 32 student manuscripts finally accepted in this year for publication (only one contribution was not accepted this year).

As usual, all manuscripts were reviewed by two referees. We believe that it helps students to learn how to prepare the written presentation of their results in a foreign language and how to respond the referee's notices. They should take into account their comments and prepare a new submission including letters to both referees where they explain their reaction. This is a standard publication procedure in scientific journals and we are offering an exercise that would be useful for students in future. Since one of referees is a doctoral student, he/she can practise in the preparation of a review. Moreover, the subject of the paper under review is often slightly different from his/her field of research, thus the student’s referees should investigate new problems and another style of writing. They can see that a good and comprehensive review is sometimes a very difficult task. Therefore, a level of student's reports is often very different — from a formal review only to precise reports with a number of comments and suggestions.

The second referee is selected from the experienced senior researchers and, in this year, their list includes even 50 % of foreign experts, because they feel the importance of such a method of teaching. We would like to express many thanks to all referees for the understanding and great help. Their effort significantly contributed to a traditionally good quality of the Proceedings and you can find 688 citations to articles in previous volumes in Web of Science and this number increases every year.

Editors thank to following referees: S. Abel, O. Beliuskina, U. Blohm, T. Borikun, J. E. Borovsky, A. Buček, A. Casolari, D. Cheney, A. Choukourov, R. Cimerman, G. Cunningham, M. Čada, R. Dejarnac, J. Fišer, J. Havlíček, J. Heitz, R. Hippler, J. Houfková, J. Hromádka, O. V. Ivanova, P. Kalinay, A. Kaňka, P. Kašpar, M. Kavatsyuk, J. Kelar, D. Korčáková, J. Kousal, A. Kovalenko, L. Kripner, J. Kúdelčík, F. Kunne, O. Kylián, J. Lichtenberger, J. R. Lomax, Q. Ma, C. Maes, J. Manninen, E. Masár, S. Mašková, J. Matoušek, E. Matveeva, V. Medvecká, P. Mészáros, R. Michalčiková, J. Miškovičová, M. Mlynarkova, M. J. Morávek, A. Natochii, L. Ofman, P. Papp, A. Pitňa, P. Pleskunov, J. Prokeš, J. Rakovsky, P.-E. Roche, Š. Roučka, P. Rubovič, M. Ryston, V. G. Shevchenko, O. Shubina, J. Ševčík, T. Tahamtan, M. Teklishyn, T. D. Thiep, J. Tomeková, Z. Tučeková, J. Urbář, M. Vaidulych, E. Varga, A. Wilkie, J. Záhlava, and M. Žofka (2×).

Finally, we would like to express our thanks to all speakers and other participants for helping us to keep a fruitful and friendly atmosphere during the whole meeting and, last but not least, to our colleagues and many cooperative students who assisted us greatly both prior to and through the conference.

Pleasant reading
Jana Šafránková and Jiří Pavlů

Part — Physics (ISBN 978-80-7378-374-7)

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