WDS'02 - Proceedings of Contributed Papers

Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of Doctoral Students - WDS 2002

Prague, 11th June - 14th June, 2002

Edited by J. Šafránková , MATFYZPRESS, Prague, 2002, ISBN 80-85863-88-X


The three volumes of the WDS Proceedings you just obtained are composed of the contributions which have been presented during the last 11th Annual Conference of Doctoral Students. This international conference was held in Prague, at Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics from June 11 to June 14, 2002, i.e., in the year of 50th anniversary of the Faculty foundation.

The contributions were divided into different symposia in accordance with their topics and consisted of both invited lectures of professors and shorter contributions, which were presented as oral contributions or posters by doctoral students. The number of presentations reached 197 in this year and 110 of them have been accepted for a publication in the Proceedings.

Proceedings are divided into three volumes. Part I presents the contributions on Mathematics and Computer Sciences (together 39 papers). The contributions from the field of Physics of Plasmas and Ionized Media are the main topics of Part II (34 papers have been submitted from this symposium). Part III consists of contributions from all other symposia on Physics (37 papers). All student's contributions in these volumes have been refereed by one experts (usually the supervisor). I would like to thank all the supervisors for their fruitful comments. However, each volume is further divided into two sections: Refereed and Non-refereed contributions. The papers in the refereed part have been refereed by another referee (no supervisor) and these papers have been accepted for publication after corresponding revisions. I would like to thank the referees from different institutions who worked so hard to review the student's papers, and thus permitted the timely production of these volumes:
G. Andrejková, S. Schwabík, T. Holan, R. Neruda, D. Zeman, N. Peterek, M. Plátek, J. Hric, Z. Žabokrtský, A. Drápal, V. Majerech, E. Fasangová, B. Maslowski, T. Cipra, V. Dolejší, K. Najzar, J. Kofroň, P. Mayer, S. Zelenda, J. Milota, L. Beran, O. John, J. Bečvář, A. Karger, J. Veselý, R. Batůšek, B. Novák, E. Hajičová, J. Dolejší, M. Sobotka, P. Kulhánek, J. Grygar, I. Barvík, J. Obdržálek, O. Jiříček, L. Dvořák, R. Grill, F. Honda, B. Vlčková, J. Nedbal, K. Veltruská, A. Havránek, P. Hlídek, M. Mišina, V. Baumruk, P. Kudrna, E. Tomková, J. Horák, J. Šafránková, I. Čermák, J. Glosík, Z. Němeček, M. Slivka, J. Richardson, V. Hrachová, M. Tichý, L. Třísková, J. Wild, M. Trchová, J. Kasper, P. Španěl, O. Santolík.

We would like to note that the Proceedings contain the contributions of students who have just started their postgraduate study as well as contributions of students who are about to finish their degree and thus the scientific level of contributions can differ accordingly. We could ordered the contributions in accordance with this criterion but we chose to arrange the papers according to their topic for the sake of easier reference.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to all speakers and other participants for helping us to keep a fruitful and friendly atmosphere during the whole meeting and, last but not least, to J. Pavlů and other our young colleagues who assisted me greatly both prior to the conference and after it. The Troja campus where the conference was held was heavily flooded during the preparation of Proceedings but we hope that none of submitted contributions was lost. You can find the photos of campus during this event on our web page.

Pleasant reading
Jana Šafránková

Part I - Mathematics and Computer Sciences

i-1, i-2, i-3, i-4, m-3, m-4, m-5, m-6, and m-8 Branches of Graduate Doctoral Studies

Reviewed Contributions

Non-refereed Contributions

Part II - Physics of Plasmas and Ionized Media

f-2 Branch of Graduate Doctoral Studies

Reviewed Contributions

Non-refereed Contributions

Part III - Physics

f-1, f-3, f-4, f-5, f-6, f-7, f-8, f-9, f-11, and f-12 Branches of Graduate Doctoral Studies

Contributions from Symposium on Physics of Plasmas and Ionized Media (f-2) are in Part II.

Reviewed Contributions

Non-refereed Contributions

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