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Year 2019

Laca, M; Kaňka, A; Schmiedt, L; Hrachová, V; Morávek, MJ
Fluid model of the positive column in argon-oxygen direct current glow discharge
Contrib. Plasma Phys.59 (9): Art. No. e201800190 (16 pages), 2019.
doi:10.1002/ctpp.201800190 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000491355000001 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2017

Laca, M; Morávek, MJ; Schmiedt, L; Hrachová, V; Kaňka, A
Fluid model of H-form of the positive column in DC oxygen glow discharge
Contrib. Plasma Phys.57 (8): 336–350, 2017.
doi:10.1002/ctpp.201600063 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000411745600004 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2015

Schmiedt, L; Moravek, MJ; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
T- and H- forms of dc oxygen discharge at medium pressures: spectroscopic study
Open Chem.13 (1): 399–403, 2015.
doi:10.1515/chem-2015-0050 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000355403100048 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2014

Moravek, MJ; Schmiedt, L; Laca, M; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Radial profiles of the emission spectra of dc glow discharge sustained in molecular gases at medium pressures
Phys. Scr.2014 (T161): Art. No. 014056 (5 pages), 2014.
doi:10.1088/0031-8949/2014/T161/014056 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000339620200057 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2013

Moravek, MJ; Schmiedt, L; Kanka, A; Nikiforov, A; Leys, C; Hrachova, V
Comparison of low-pressure DC glow discharge and dielectric barrier discharge in CO2-laser mixture by optical emission spectroscopy
Vacuum90 (Apr): 135–140, 2013.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2012.04.048 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000313089800023 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2012

Moravek, MJ; Schmiedt, L; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Influence of CO2-laser mixture composition on the distribution of energy in nitrogen spectrum
Vacuum86 (6): 780–784, 2012.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2011.07.065 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000301018400049 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2011

Schmiedt, L; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Study of rotational temperature of oxygen molecules in H and T forms of DC glow discharge sustained in pure oxygen
Vacuum85 (12): 1093–1095, 2011.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2011.01.027 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000292678900011 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2010

Schmiedt, L; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Rotational temperature of oxygen molecules in DC glow discharge in O2–Ar mixtures sustained in discharge tube made from Pyrex glass
Vacuum85 (4): 489–492, 2010.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2010.01.018 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000285906900004 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2009

Schmiedt, L; Moravek, MJ; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Study of rotational temperature of oxygen DC glow discharge in Silica and Pyrex discharge tubes
Vacuum84 (1): 72–74, 2009.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2009.04.018 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000270625900017 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2007

Navratil, Z; Trunec, D; Hrachova, V; Kanka, A
Collisional-radiative model of neon discharge: determination of E/N in the positive column of low pressure discharge
J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys.40 (4): 1037–1046, 2007.
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/40/4/018 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000245274300019 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2006

Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Equipment for measurements of radial profiles of excited species in DC glow discharge
Czech. J. Phys.56 (6): 619–628, 2006.
doi:10.1007/s10582-006-0170-y (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000239256000006 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Schmiedt, L; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Study of properties of O-2-Ar mixture in DC glow discharge at medium pressures
Czech. J. Phys.56: B1040–B1044, 2006.
doi:10.1007/s10582-006-0323-z (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000241336700033 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Aftanas, M; Hrachova, V; Kanka, A
Study of laser mixture in glow discharge at low and middle pressures in silica and pyrex discharge tubes
Czech. J. Phys.56: B596–B600, 2006.
doi:10.1007/s10582-006-0258-4 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000241336200028 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2004

Kylian, O; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Investigation of radial profiles of vibrational and rotational temperatures in nitrogen DC glow discharge
Czech. J. Phys.54 (3): 357–363, 2004.
doi:10.1023/B:CJOP.0000018132.17099.d9 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000220830800007 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Hrachova, V; Kylian, O; Kanka, A
Study of the vacuum purity influence on oxygen and nitrogen spectra properties in DC glow discharge
Vacuum76 (4): 433–436, 2004.
doi:10.1016/j.vacuum.2003.12.164 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000225054400002 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Schmiedt, L; Kylian, O; Hrachova, V; Kanka, A
Study of properties of CO2 laser mixture
Czech. J. Phys.54: C816–C821, 2004.
doi:10.1007/BF03166492 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000226745500053 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2003

Kylian, O; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Spectroscopic determination of oxygen DC glow-discharge temperature: Radial profile of gas temperature
Czech. J. Phys.53 (3): 219–227, 2003.
doi:10.1023/A:1022972813995 (abstract link)PDF ISI ID:000182528800004 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2002

Kanka, A; Kylian, O; Hrachova, V
The discharge tube material influence on N-2-O-2 DC glow discharge
Vacuum67 (3-4): 415–420, 2002.
doi:10.1016/S0042-207X(02)00240-3 (abstract link) ISI ID:000178803500019 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2001

Pavlik, J; Spatenka, P; Stryhal, Z; Hrachova, V; Kanka, A; Cap, J; Zicha, J
Application of chromatic monitoring as a plasma diagnostic technique
Mater. Manuf. Process.16 (6): 863–874, 2001.
doi:10.1081/AMP-100108705 (abstract link) ISI ID:000174132100010 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Hrachova, V; Diamy, AM; Kylian, O; Legrand, JC; Kanka, A
Study of spectral emission behaviour in the glow and microwave discharges of oxygen
Contrib. Plasma Phys.41 (1): 61–72, 2001.
doi:10.1002/1521-3986(200101)41:1<61::AID-CTPP61>3.0.CO;2-F (abstract link) ISI ID:000166752400006 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 2000

Kylian, O; Kanka, A; Hrachova, V
Study of the influence of the discharge tube material on the DC glow discharge in CO2 laser mixture
Czech. J. Phys.50: 335–338, 2000. ISI ID:000173132300060 - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 1999

Hrachova, V; Kanka, A; Tichy, M; Kudrna, P
Study of T and H forms in positive column of glow discharge in oxygen and ist mixtures with neon and argon
Le Vide,: 215–217, 1999. - BibTeX & \bibitem

Year 1997

Hrachova, V; Kanka, A
Study of the admixture influence on the oxygen spectra properties
Vacuum48 (7-9): 689–692, 1997.
doi:10.1016/S0042-207X(97)00057-2 (abstract link) ISI ID:000071013600023 - BibTeX & \bibitem