Space weather: Solar wind variations and their impact on magnetospheric dynamics

Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Němeček, DrSc.
ConsultantDoc. RNDr. Lubomír Přech, Dr., Doc. RNDr. František Němec, Ph.D., Mgr. Goncharov Oleksandr, Ph.D.
Status: Available


Our society heavily depends on present technologies including global power grids, long pipelines and space based communications that are very sensitive to effects connected with solar activity that bear a common name space weather. However, the chain of processes connecting events on the Sun with their response in the Earth environment is long and complicated and thus it is a subject of intensive research. Our department is involved in new space missions like Solar Orbiter, Bepi Colombo (ESA mission Mercury), Taranis (French satellite for investigations of the processes in the ionosphere) and others, thus we offer experimental studies in following closely related directions: (1) the propagation and evolution of solar wind structures through the interplanetary space, (2) modification of their parameters due to interaction each with other and with magnetospheric boundaries, (3) formation of magnetospheric boundaries and transfer of the energy and mass to the magnetosphere, (4) changes of conditions for the storage of solar wind plasma in the inner magnetosphere, and (5) heating of the accumulated plasma to magnetospheric energies and bursty release of the stored mass and energy that result in changes of the geomagnetic field.

The supervisor/consultant to be decided later according to the topic chosen.