Faradayovy válce jako detektory prachu v kosmickém prostředí

Student: Kononov Oleksii
Školitel: Doc. RNDr. Jiří Pavlů, Ph.D.
Konzultant: Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Němeček, DrSc.
Stav práce: přerušená

xxx Faraday cups (FCs) of the Bright Monitor of the Solar Wind (BMSW) instrument onboard the Spektr-R mission registered voltage spikes during high-time resolution measurements (approximately 30 ms) of the ion flux. Based on these measurements, we demonstrated a possibility to detect hypervelocity impacts of dust grains by such type of instruments. We suppose to systematically analyze a whole data set from BMSW detectors, to prepare the best algorithms for finding possible candidates of dust impacts and to compare the results with voltage spikes registered by electric field detectors of plasma wave instruments where these spikes were attributed to a micron-sized cosmic dust impacting spacecraft bodies. The gain experience from these analyses will be applied in proposals of a dedicated detector equipped with Faraday cups for planned missions and/or projects in the inner heliosphere (e.g., Luna-Resurs, Debye). The proposal of the detector supposes including the analysis of a reliable detection of dust impacts, a simple identification algorithm that will store data with a higher sampling rate around a particular impact pulse onboard the spacecraft, and a calibration of the FCs and their front-end electronics using model simulations and tests at the dust accelerator (if it will be possible).


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