Magnetospheric Response to Solar Activity, September 9-12, 2003, Charles University, Prague

Conference Program

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Tuesday, September 9, 2003
chairman: Prof. Z. Nemecek
9:00   Introduction
9:10 Escoubet, C. P., Laakso, H., Goldstein, M. I CLUSTER: New Measurements of Plasma Structures in 3D
9:35 Zastenker, G. N. I An Overview of New Concepts Deduced From INTERBALL Solar Wind Investigations
10:00 Eselevich, V. G., Eselevich, M. V. O Fractal Structure of the Heliospheric Plasma Sheet at the Earth's Orbit
10:15 Richardson, J. D., Liu, Y. I Propagation and Evolution of CMEs in the Solar Wind
10:40 McKenna-Lawlor, S., Kecskemety, K., Dryer, M., Smith, Z., Fry, C., et al. O Comparison of the Predicted Arrival Times at L1 of 209 Flare Associated Shocks Estimated Using Three Numerical Models With Corresponding Energetic Particle Signatures
10:55 coffee break
chairman: Prof. G. Zastenker
11:25 Vandas, M., Romashets , E. P., Watari, S. O Magnetic Clouds of Oblate Shapes
11:40 Russell, C. T. I Solar Wind Interaction with Planetary Magnetospheres
12:05 Lin, Y. I Simulations of Foreshock Structures of the Bow Shock and its Interaction With Interplanetary Discontinuities
12:30 Sibeck, D. G. I Pressure Pulses and Cavity Mode Resonances
12:55 end of session
chairman: Dr. J. Richardson
14:15 Verigin , M. I. S Earth's Bow Shock: GD and MHD Aspects
14:35 Merka, J., Szabo, A., Richardson, J. D., Narock, T. W. O Three Decades of Bow Shock Observations by IMP-8 and Model Predictions
14:50 Szabo, A. I Interplanetary Discontinuities and Shocks in the Earth's Magnetosheath
15:15 Balikhin, M. A., Dunlop, M. W., Walker, S. N., Amata, E. O Low Frequency Waves in the Inner Magnetosheath
15:30 Hellinger, P. O Magnetosheath Compression: Role of Compression Speed and Alpha Particles
15:45 Kasper, J. C., Lazarus, A. J., Ashmall, J., Mitchel, B. S. O Evaluation of Interplanetary Shock Analysis Techniques
16:00 poster session
18:00 end of session
19:00 Panel discussion on multisatellite data processing
Chair: J.-A. Sauvaud
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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
chairman: Dr. D. Sibeck
9:00 Chen, J., Fritz, T. A. I Cusp as a Source of Upstream Energetic Ions
9:25 Bochev, A. Z., Kudela, K. O Dynamics of Field-aligned Currents and Energetic Particle Fluxes in the Mid-altitude Cusp by INTERBALL -AU, March-April 1997
9:40 Tatrallyay, M., Erdos, G. O Statistical Investigation of Mirror Type Magnetic Field Depressions Observed by ISEE-1
9:55 Wing, S., Newell, P. T., Meng, C. I. I Double Cusp
10:20 Pitout, F., Escoubet, C. P., Bosqued, J. S The Cusp at Mid-altitude: 3 Years of Cluster-CIS Data
10:40 Song, Y. O Theory of Three-Dimensional Alfvenic Reconnection
10:55 coffee break
chairman: Prof. J.-A. Sauvaud
11:25 Fuselier, S. A., Petrinec, S. M., Trattner, K. J. I Magnetosheath Properties and Dayside Magnetic Reconnection
11:50 Vaisberg, O. L., Avanov, L. A., Smirnov, V. N., Moore, T. E. I Counter-streaming Ion Components as Indicator of Multiple Reconnection
12:15 Fedorov, A., Budnik, E., Louarn, P., Reme, H., Dunlop, M. I Direct and Indirect Observations of a Patchy-sporadic Reconnection on the Dayside Magnetopause
12:40 Lopez, R. E., Wiltberger, M., Hernanadez, S., Lyon, J. O Energy Coupling to Solar Wind Pressure Pulses in MHD Simulations
12:55 end of session
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Thursday, September 11, 2003
chairman: Dr. P. Escoubet
9:00 Sauvaud, J.-A. S Dynamics and Origin of Ionospheric Ions in the Earth's Magnetotail
9:20 Nemecek, Z., Safrankova, J., Prech, L., Simunek, J. S Two-point Observations of the LLBL During Intervals of Northward Oriented IMF
9:40 Antonova, E. E. S The Structure of the Magnetospheric Boundary Layers and the Magnetospheric Turbulence
10:00 Mishin, V. V. O About Formation of Boundary Layer of the Distant Geotail by the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
10:15 Popielawska , B., Khotyaintsev, Y., Pickett, J., Farrugia, C., Kellett, et al. S Langmuir and Electron Solitary Waves at the High-latitude Magnetopause Near the Merging Site
10:35 Greco, A., Taktakishvili, A., Zimbardo, G., Veltri, P., Zelenyi, L. O Ion Transport Through the Turbulent Magnetopause: Calculations of the Distribution Function Moments
10:50 coffee break
chairman: Prof. O. Vaisberg
11:20 Romashets, E., Vandas, M., Nagatsuma, T. O Magnetopause Dynamics Modelling
11:35 Savin, S., Zelenyi, L., Skalsky, A., Song, P., Amata, E., et al. S Magnetosheath Interaction With High Latitude Magnetopause: Flow Chaotization and Multi-scale Reconnection
11:55 Koleva, R. T., Semkova, J. V., Fedorov, A. O., Smirnov, V. N. O Observations of Stagnant Populations of Mixed Magnetosheath -- Plasma Sheet Ions in the High-latitude Near-Earth Tail
12:10 Chen, L. S Acceleration and Transport of Magnetospheric Plasmas by ULF Waves
12:30 end of session
chairman: Dr. M. Balikhin
13:45 Pickett, J. S., Chen, L., Kahler, S. W., Santolik, O., Gurnett, et al. I Multipoint Observations of Nonlinear Waves and Isolated Electrostatic Structures in the Earth's Magnetosphere: The CLUSTER Perspective
14:10 Menietti, J. D., Anderson, R. R., Pickett, J. S., Gurnett, D. A. O Near-Source and Remote Observations of Kilometric Continuum Radiation From Multi-spacecraft Observations
14:25 Santolik, O., Gurnett, D. A., Pickett, J. S. O Fine Structure of the Source Region of Storm-time Chorus
14:40 Parrot, M., Santolik, O. O Characteristics of Magnetospherically Reflected Chorus Waves Observed by CLUSTER
14:55 Rauch, J. L., Decreau, P. M., Trotignon, J. G., Lefeuvre, F., Parrot, M., et al. O Observation of Z Mode on INTERBALL 2 and CLUSTER Projects and Evaluation of the Electron Density Using the Wave Propagation Characteristics
15:10 Marouan, Y., Lefeuvre, F., Cornilleau, N. O Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves and Magnetosonic Waves Observed by the CLUSTER Satellites Within the Plasmasphere
15:25 poster session
17:30 end of session
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Friday, September 12, 2003
chairman: Prof. L. Zelenyi
9:00 Borovsky, J. E. I A Model for the Turbulence in the Plasma Sheet
9:25 Voros, Z., Baumjohann, W., Nakamura, R., Runov, A., Volwerk, M., et al. O Multi-point Statistical Analysis of Magnetic Turbulence in the Plasma Sheet
9:40 Petrukovich, A. A. S The Hourly AL Index Model, Based on the Solar Wind Data
10:20 Calvert, W. O Basic Theory for a Magnetospheric Substorm
10:35 Yermolaev, Y. I., Yermolaev, M. Y., Zastenker, G. N., Zelenyi, L. M., Petrukovich, A. A., et al. O Statistic Study of Geomagnetic Storm Dependences on Solar and Interplanetary Events
10:50 coffee break
chairman: Dr. J. Borovsky
11:20 Zelenyi, L. M., Milovanov, A. V., Malova, H. V. I Laminar and Turbulent Regimes of Magnetotail Dynamics
11:45 Runov, A., Sergeev, V., Nakamura, R., Baumjohann, W., Volwerk, M., et al. O Reconstructions of the Magnetotail Current Sheet Structure Using Four-point Cluster Measurements
12:00 Sergeev, V. A. I Bursty Bulk Flows and Their Ionospheric Footprints
12:25 Lutsenko, V. N., Kirpichev, I. P., Grechko, T. V., Delcourt, D. O Source Positions for Energetic Particles Responsible for the Fine Dispersion Structures: Numerical Simulation Results
12:40 end of session
13:40 Panel discussion on perspectives of multisatellite mission
Chair: P. Escoubet
15:00 Z. Nėmeček Concluding remarks

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POSTERS - Tuesday, September 9, 2003
1.01 Yermolaev, Y. I., Yermolaeva, I. F. Comparison of CME and Solar Flare Geoeffectiveness
1.02 Anagnostopoulos, G. C., Vassiliadis, E. S., Karanikola, I. Dawn-Dusk Asymmetry and Origin of Energetic Ion Events Near the Earth's Bow Shock
1.03 Anagnostopoulos, G. C., Efthymiadis, D., Sarris, E. T., Vassiliadis, E. S., Krimigis, S. M. Ion Events Observed by WIND far Upstream From the Bow Shock and by Geotail/IMP-8 Near the Bow Shock and Within the Plasma Sheet
1.04 Ashmall, J., Lazarus, A., Kasper, J. Orientations of Correlated Wind and Ace Solar Wind Features
1.05 Riazantseva, M. O., Zastenker, G. N., Richardson, J. D. The Solar Wind Plasma and Interplanetary Magnetic Field Discontinuities Connected With the Sharp and Large Changes of the Ion Flux
1.06 Koval, A., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z. A Study of Particle Flows in Hot Flow Anomalies
1.07 Romashets, E., Vandas, M. Interplanetary Plasma Disturbances Caused by a CME Propagation
1.08 Kaymaz, Z., Sibeck, D. G., Siscoe, G. L. Magnetic Field Structure in the Dayside Magnetosheath
1.09 Kudela, K., Lutsenko, V. N., Sarris, E. T., Sibeck, D. G., Slivka, M. DOK-2 Ion Fluxes Upstream From the Bow Shock: Characteristics From 5 Years of INTERBALL-1 Measurements
1.10 Erdos, G., Balogh, A., Daly, P., Kecskemety, K., Tatrallyay, M. ULF Waves Observed by CLUSTER Upstream of the Bow Shock on 3 April 2001
1.11 Jelinek, K., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z., Jerab, M. Two-point Study of the Bow Shock Motion
1.12 Jerab, M., Nemecek, Z., Safrankova, J., Jelinek, K., Merka, J. A Study of the Bow Shock Locations
1.13 Prech, L., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z., Kudela, K. INTERBALL-1 Observations of Plasma and Energetic Particle Fluxes Upstream of the Earth's Bow Shock
1.14 Hayosh, M., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z., Kudela, K., Zastenker, G. N. Relationship Between High-energy Particles and Ion Flux in the Magnetosheath
1.15 Shevyrev, N. N., Zastenker, G. N. Some Features of the Plasma Flow in the Magnetosheath Behind Quasi-Parallel and Quasi-Perpendicular Bow Shocks
1.16 Asadchy, A. Y., Skalsky, A. A. The Magnetosheath Structure at High Latitudes
1.17 Samsonov, A. Dayside Magnetosheath: Numerical MHD Modelling and Observations
1.18 Travnicek, P., Hellinger, P. Hybrid Simulations of the Interaction Between Solar Wind Flow and the Hermean Magnetosphere
1.19 Paral, J., Somr, J., Travnicek, P., Bale, S. D. The Density Transition Scale at Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless Shocks --- Hybrid Simulations
1.20 Borodkova, N. L., Zastenker, G. N., Riazantsava, M. O., Richardson, J. D. Large and Sharp Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Variations as a Source of Geomagnetic Field Disturbances in the Outer Magnetosphere (at the Geosynchronous Orbits)
1.21 Parkhomov, V. A., Riazantseva, M. O., Zastenker, G. N. Local Amplification of Auroral Electrojet as Response to Sharp Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Change on June 26, 1998
1.22 Dobreva, P. S., Kartalev, M. D., Shevyrev, N. N., Zastenker, G. N. Comparison of a New Magnetosphere - Magnetosheath Model With Interball-1 Magnetosheath Plasma Measurements
1.23 Stoeva, P. V., Werner, R., Guineva, V. C. P/Halley Ionosphere and Spatial Distribution of Some Constituents
1.24 Georgieva, K. Y., Kirov, B. B., Javaraiah, J. Solar Rotation and Solar Wind -- Magnetosphere Coupling
1.25 Reshetnyk, V. M. Behaviour of the Auroral Activity as Function of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field Orientation
2.01 Simunek, J., Nemecek, Z., Safrankova, J., Prech, L. Ion Dispersion in the High-altitude Cusp: Spatial or Temporal Features?
2.02 Budnik, E., Lavraud, B., Fedorov, A., Grigoriev, A., Reme, H., et al. Surveying of the Polar Cusp Geometry and its Plasma Properties --- Two Years of CLUSTER Observations
2.03 Blecki, J. S., Savin , S. P., Parrot, M., Cornilleau-Wehrlin , N., Wronowski, R. Nonlinear Wave Processes Seen in the Polar Cusp by Prognoz 8, Interball 1 and CLUSTER Satellites
2.04 Serebryanskaya, A. V., Safargaleev, V. V., Koustov, A. V., Lester, M., Pchelkina, et al. A Possible Source of the Dayside Pc1 Magnetic Pulsations Observed at High Latitudes
2.05 Dusik, S., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z. The Influence of a Local Magnetic Shear on the Low-latitude Magnetopause
2.06 Nikolaeva, N. S., Borodkova, N. L., Klimov, S. I., Nozdrachev, M. N., Romanov, S. A., et al. The Development of the Magnetospheric Substorm and its Influence on the Magnetopause Motion
2.07 Retino, A., Bavassano-Cattaneo, M. B., Marcucci, M. F., Vaivads, A., Andre, M., et al. Three-dimensional CLUSTER Observations of Continuous High Latitude Reconnection on the Duskside Magnetopause
2.08 Ivanovski, S. L., Kartalev, M. D. The Coupled Kelvin-Helmholtz and Tearing Mode Instability in the Magnetopause Layer --- MHD approach
2.09 Mishin, V. V., Leonovich , A. S., Nikolaeva, N. S., Parkhomov, V. A., Soloviev, S. I., et al. Magnetospheric Response in Long Period Geomagnetic Pulsations Under Magnetopause Multiple Crossings Conditions Observed by Interball Tail
2.10 Korotova, G. I., Sibeck, D. G., Singer, H. J., Rosenberg, T. J. Compressional Signatures Observed at Geosynchronous Orbit at the Times of Transient Events
5.01 Klimov, S. I., Afanasyev, Y. V., Grachev, E. A., Grigoryan, O. R., Gruchin, V. A., et al. Results of in Flight Operation of Scientific Payload on Micro-satellite ``Kolibri-2000''
5.02 Klimov, S. I., Korepanov, V. E., Lissakov, Y. V., Lapshinova, O. V., Sorokin, I. V., et al. ``Obstanovka'' Experiment Onboard International Space Station --- The Use for Space Weather Research
5.03 Comisel, H., Ciobanu, M., Blagau, A., Simunek, J., Chum, J. Attitude Determination for Magion-5 Satellite Using Magnetometer Data Only
5.04 Triska, P., Chum, J., Czapek, A., Hruska, F., Simunek, J., et al. Space Weather Effects on the MAGION-4 and MAGION-5 Solar Cells
5.05 McKenna-Lawlor, S., Balaz, J., Barabash, S., Johnsson, K., Zhenxing, L., et al. A Neutral Atom Detector Experiment (NUADU) for the Chinese Double Star Polar Mission
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POSTERS - Thursday, September 11, 2003
3.01 Nemec, F., Santolik, O., Gereova, K., Macusova, E. Cluster Observations of Equatorial Noise Below the Lower Hybrid Frequency
3.02 Macusova, E., Gereova, K., Santolik, O., Nemec, F. Systematic Analysis of Whistler-mode Emissions Observed by Cluster in the Low-latitude Magnetosphere
3.03 Pasmanik, D. L., Demekhov, A. G., Trakhtengerts, V. Y., Titova, E. E., Santolik, O., et al. Quasi-periodic ELF/VLF Wave Emissions in the Earth's Magnetosphere: Comparison of Satellite Observations and Modeling
3.04 Kozelov, B. V., Titova, E. E., Trakhtengerts, V. Y., Jiricek, F., Triska, P., et al. Intermittency in the VLF/ELF Emissions: Experimental Features and Theoretical Explanations
3.05 Chum, J., Jiricek, F., Smilauer, J. Nonducted Propagation of Chorus Emissions and Their Observation
3.06 Soucek, J., Dudok de Wit, T., Krasnoselskikh, V., Pickett, J. Langmuir Wave Decay in the Terrestrial Foreshock: Evidence Based on CLUSTER WBD Observations
3.07 Semenova, N. V., Isaev, S. V., Demekhov, A. G., Yahnin, A. G., Yahnina, T. A. Modeling the Generation Conditions of Magnetospheric Pc1 Emissions
3.08 Rothkaehl, H., Goldstein, P., Blecki, J., Klos, Z. Plasma Turbulence as Source of Broad Band Ionospheric Plasma Emissions
3.09 Musatenko, S. I., Choliy, V. Y., Oltsik, Y. O. Radio-noises of the Mid-latitude Ionosphere in the Magnetically Conjugated Region of the Solar Eclipses
3.10 Musatenko, S. I., Kurochka, E. V., Choliy, V. Y., Reshetnyk, V. M. Drift Impulse Particle Precipitations in the Midlatitude Ionosphere
3.11 Teodosiev, D. K., Nenovski, P. I., Hristov, P. T., Koleva, R. T., Vojta, J., et al. ULF Wave Measurements on Board the Magion-4 Subsatellite: Monochromatic Wave Events Observed Near the Magnetopause Regions
4.01 Bochev, A. Z., Dimitrova, I. I. Magnetic Cloud and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Response to the 6 November 1997 CME
4.02 Bochev, A. Z., Dimitrova, I. I., Nenovski, P. I., Chi, P., Palazov, K. I. Long Period Magnetic Field Variations Seen by the INTERBALL-AU and POLAR: Case Study
4.03 Pulkkinen, A., Vassiliadis, D., Weigel, R., Palmroth, M., Viljanen, A., et al. Characteristics and Prediction of Ionospheric Phenomena Behind Ground Effects of Space Weather During the April 2000 Geomagnetic Storm
4.04 Yahnina, T. A., Yahnin, A. G., Demekhov, A. G., Manninen, J., Kultima, J., et al. Seasonal Variations of the Pc1 Frequency in Auroral Zone
4.05 Bojanowska , M. Magnetosphere in the Interplanetary Magnetic Cloud With a Large B$_Y$-component
4.06 Kozyreva, O., Kleimenova, N., Schott, J. J. Wave Magnetosphere Response to the Passage of a Front Edge of an Interplanetary Magnetic Cloud
4.07 Genot, V., Mottez, F., Fruit, G., Louarn, P., Sauvaud, J.-A., et al. Bifurcated Current Sheet: Model and Observations
4.08 Jankovicova, D., Voros, Z. Multi-scale and Regularity/Irregularity Aspects of Magnetospheric Dynamics in Artificial Neural Networks
4.09 Triskova, L., Truhlik, V., Smilauer, J. Variability of Electron Temperature in the High Latitude Inner Magnetosphere
4.10 Beloff, N., Denisenko, P. F., Ivanov, I. I., Maltseva, O. A., Gough, M. P., et al. Storm Time Changes in Total Electron Content in Ionosphere
4.11 Koleva, R., Dachev, T., Semkova, J., Tomov, B., Matviichuk, Y., et al. Ultra Relativistic Electrons in the Inner Magnetosphere Observed Aboard Mir Space Station During 1991
4.12 Musatenko, S. I., Musatenko, K. S. Precipitation of the Energetic Protons as a Result of the Violation of Adiabatic Invariants
4.13 Osipenko, S. V., Safargaleev, V. V. Precursors of Magnetospheric Substorm in Pulsating and Diffuse Auroras
4.14 Slivka, M., Kudela, K. Anisotropy of Proton Fluxes in Neutral Sheet Region Measured by the DOK-2 on INTERBALL-1
4.15 Kotova, G. A., Bezrukikh, V. V., Verigin, M. I., Smilauer, J. In Situ Observations of Low-density Regions Inside the Plasmasphere
4.16 Delcourt, D. C., Malova, H. V., Zelenyi, L. M. Nonlinear Dynamics of Charged Particles in Double-humped Current Sheets
4.17 Antonova, E. E., Kirpichev, I. P., Stepanova, M. V. Properties of the Distribution of the Magnetic Field and Plasma Pressure in the Plasma Sheet of the Magnetosphere of the Earth and the Problem of the Generation of Field-aligned Currents
4.18 Khalipov, V. L., Gubsky, V. F., Afonin, V. V., Bondar, E. D., Stepanov, A. E. SAR-arc Characteristics in the Region of Ring Current Dissipation and During Polarization Jet Development
4.19 Khalipov, V. L., Stepanov, A. E., Bondar, E. D. Experimental Study of the Mechanism of Polarization Jet Formation
4.20 Kovrazhkin, R. A., Vladimirova, G. A., Glazunov, A. L., Sauvaud, J.-A. Burst-like Precipitations of Particles in the Polar Cap
4.21 Kovrazhkin, R. A., Vladimirova, G. A., Glazunov, A. L., Yermolaev, Y. I., Sauvaud, J.-A. Correlation of Simultaneous Ion Spectral Gaps Observed at Two Satellites of the INTERBALL Project
4.22 Vladimirova, G. A., Kovrazhkin, R. A., Glazunov, A. L., Sauvaud, J.-A. Fresh Plasma Injection Into Ion Spectral Gaps
4.23 Kirpichev, I. P., Antonova, E. E., Lutsenko, V. N., Pisarenko, N. F., Yermolaev, Y. I. The Features of the Ion Plasma Pressure Distributions in Near Earth Plasma Sheet
4.24 Grigorenko, E. E., Fedorov, A. O., Sauvaud, J.-A., Budnik, E. Y., Zelenyi, L. M., et al. The Spatial Structure of Beamlets According to CLUSTER Observations
4.25 Petrukovich, A. A., Yermolaev, Y. I. Vertical Plasma Motions and Velocity Fluctuations in the Earth's Magnetotail: Interball-tail Observations
4.26 Bezrukikh, V. V., Kotova, G. A., Lezhen, L. A., Verigin, M. I., Lemaire, J., et al. Dependence of Cold Proton Temperatures in the Night, Day and Dusk Sides of the Earth's Plasmasphere on Geomagnetic Disturbances as Observed by the Auroral Probe/Alpha-3 Experiment
1.26 Kravaritis, G., Walker, S. N., Dunlop, M. W., Andre, M. A Comparison of Shock Normals
4.07' Louarn, P., Fruit, G., Budnik, E., Sauvaud, J.-A., Lucek, E., et al. Propagation of Low Frequency Fluctuations in the Plasmasheet --- A CLUSTER Analysis
3.12 Tomas-Rodriguez, M., Bauks, S. P. Spectral Analysis for Nonlinear Systems: Plasma Dynamics Appication
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