Magnetospheric Response to Solar Activity, September 9-12, 2003, Charles University, Prague

Planetary and Space Science, Volume 53, Issues 1–3, Jan/Mar 2005

Special Issue: Dynamics of the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction

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Guest Editors:
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA, USA

Elsevier, Planetary and Space Science (ISSN: 0032-0633)
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Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z., Richardson, J.D.
A statistical study of the properties of interplanetary coronal mass ejections from 0.3 to 5.4 AU 3
Liu, Y., Richardson, J.D., Belcher, J.W.
Magnetic clouds of oblate shapes19
Vandas, M., Romashets, E., Watari, S.
Large and sharp solar wind dynamic pressure variations as a source of geomagnetic field disturbances at the geosynchronous orbit25
Borodkova, N., Zastenker, G., Riazantseva, M., Richardson, J.
Statistical investigation of mirror type magnetic field depressions observed by ISEE-133
Tatrallyay, M., Erdos, G.
A study of particle flows in hot flow anomalies41
Koval, A., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z.
Dawn–dusk asymmetry in spatial distribution and origin of energetic ion events upstream the Earth’s bow shock53
Anagnostopoulos, G.C., Vassiliadis, E.S., Karanikola, I.
DOK-2 ion fluxes upstream from the bow shock: characteristics from 4 years of Interball-1 measurements 59
Kudela, K., Lutsenko, V.N., Sarris, E.T., Sibeck, D.G., Slivka, M.
INTERBALL-1 observations of plasma and energetic particle fluxes upstream of the Earth’s bow shock 65
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Three decades of bow shock observations by IMP 8 and model predictions79
Merka, J., Szabo, A., Narock, T.W., Richardson, J.D., King, J.H.
Improved bow shock model with dependence on the IMF strength85
Jerab, M., Nemecek, Z., Safrankova, J., Jelinek, K., Merka, J.
Some features of the plasma fl ow in the magnetosheath behind quasi-parallel and quasi-perpendicular bow shocks95
Shevyrev, N.N., Zastenker, G.N.
Relationship between high-energy particles and ion fl ux in the magnetosheath103
Hayosh, M., Safrankova, J., Nemecek, Z., Prech, L., Kudela, K., Zastenker, G.N.
Comparison of a new magnetosphere–magnetosheath model with Interball-1 magnetosheath plasma measurements 117
Dobreva, P.S., Kartalev, M.D., Shevyrev, N.N., Zastenker, G.N.
Modelling of magnetic field near the magnetopause127
Romashets, E., Vandas, M., Nagatsuma, T.
Magnetosheath interaction with high latitude magnetopause: Dynamic flow chaotization133
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Ion transport through the turbulent magnetopause: Calculations of the distribution function moments141
Greco, A., Taktakishvili, A., Zimbardo, G., Veltri, P., Zelenyi, L.M.
Accelerated electrons in the LLBL as observed by Interball on February 15, 1996149
Vaisberg, O.L., Avanov, L.A., Smirnov, V.N., Sauvaud, J.-A., Borodkova, N.L.
Velocity boundary layers in the distant geotail and the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability157
Mishin, V.V.
The structure of the magnetospheric boundary layers and the magnetospheric turbulence161
Antonova, E.E.
The development of the magnetospheric substorm and its influence on the magnetopause motion 169
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Behaviour of auroral activity as a function of the interplanetary magnetic field181
Reshetnyk, V.M.
Statistical studies of geomagnetic storm dependencies on solar and interplanetary events: a review 189
Yermolaev, Y.I., Yermolaev, M.Y., Zastenker, G.N., Zelenyi, L.M., Petrukovich, A.A., Sauvaud, J.-A.
Solar rotation and solar wind–magnetosphere coupling197
Georgieva, K., Kirov, B., Javaraiah, J., Krasteva, R.
The features of the ion plasma pressure distributions in the near Earth plasma sheet209
Kirpichev, I.P., Antonova, E.E., Borodkova, N.L., Budnik, E.Y., Lutsenko, V.N., Morozova, E.I., Pisarenko, N.F., Yermolaev, Y.I.
Anisotropy of proton fluxes in neutral sheet region measured by DOK2 on Interball-1217
Slivka, M., Kudela, K.
Bifurcated current sheet: model and cluster observations229
Genot, V., Mottez, F., Fruit, G., Louarn, P., Sauvaud, J.-A., Balogh, A.
Reconstruction of the magnetotail current sheet structure using multi-point Cluster measurements 237
Runov, A., Sergeev, V.A., Nakamura, R., Baumjohann, W., Zhang, T.L., Asano, Y., Volwerk, M., Voros, Z., Balogh, A., Reme, H.
Spatial structure of beamlets according to Cluster observations 245
Grigorenko, E.E., Fedorov, A.O., Budnik, E.Y., Sauvaud, J.-A., Zelenyi, L.M., Reme, H., Dunlop, M.W.
Dynamics of field-aligned currents and energetic particle fluxes in the mid-altitude cusp by INTERBALL-Au, April 1997255
Bochev, A.Z., and Kudela, K.
Local amplification of auroral electrojet as a response to a sharp solar wind pressure pulse265
Parkhomov,V.A., Riazantseva, M.O., and Zastenker, G.N.
Source positions of energetic particles responsible for the fine dispersion structures: numerical simulation results 275
Lutsenko, V.N., Kirpichev, I.P., Grechko, T.V., and Delcourt, D.
High resolution observations of continuum radiation 283
Menietti, J.D., Santolik, O., Pickett, J.S., and Gurnett, D.A.
Initial results of a survey of equatorial noise emissions observed by the Cluster spacecraft 291
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Central position of the source region of storm-time chorus 299
Santolik, O., Gurnett, D.A., Pickett, J.S., Parrot, M., and Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.
Nonducted propagation of chorus emissions and their observation 307
Chum, J., Jiricek, F., and Smilauer, J.
ULF wave measurements aboard the Magion-4 subsatellite: narrow-band wave events observed in the magnetopause regions 317
Teodosiev, D., Nenovski, P., Hristov, P., Koleva, R., Vojta, J., Triska, P., Chum, J., and Shibaev, I.
P/Halley ionosphere and spatial distribution of some constituents 327
Stoeva, P.V., Werner, R., and Guineva, V.
An overview of the scientific objectives and technical configuration of the NeUtral Atom Detector Unit (NUADU) for the Chinese Double Star Mission 335
McKenna-Lawlor, S., Balaz, J., Strharsky, I., Barabash, S., Johnsson, K., Zhenxing, L., Li, L., Jin-Bin, C., Chao, S., Zong, Q., et al.
Results of in-flight operation of scientific payload on micro-satellite Kolibri-2000 349
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