Asymexfit toolbox

The Asymexfit toolbox is a package of MATLAB classes and functions, which enables fitting experimental 1D NMR spectra. The main purpose of Asymexfit is to fit spectra with two-site chemical exchange influencing the lineshape. Its theoretical curve has been derived for general case of exchange, i. e. with unequally populated sites. Special attention is paid to error estimation: three main sources of errors can be analysed by the toolbox. With Asymexfit, you can extract both equilibrium constants and exchange rates from NMR spectra, together with their confidence limits.

Besides the fitting of exchange spectra, Lorentzian curve fitting is available as well. Minor parts of the toolbox include loading Bruker format to MATLAB, fitting Eyring and van 't Hoff equation.

To successfully run functions from the Asymefit toolbox, installation of MATLAB with the Optimization toolbox is required.

This site provides free download of the Asymexfit toolbox, created by Václav Římal. You are welcome to download and use this software. The only condition is to fill your name and e-mail address in the form below and check, whether you want to receive messages about important updates and patches of the toolbox.

Please, in every publication created with any help of the Asymexfit toolbox, cite the following paper:

Římal, V., Štěpánková, H., Štěpánek, J., Analysis of NMR spectra in case of temperature-dependent chemical exchange between two unequally populated sites, Concepts Magn. Reson. A, 38A (2011), 117–127, doi: 10.1002/cmr.a.20214.

The documentation in PDF is available here without prior filling in the form below.

Latest version is 2.4 (April 2018).

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