Planned topics include

  • new developments of computational approaches in biochemistry and biophysics, applications of quantum chemical methods on molecular models,
  • modeling interaction in molecular materials, modeling new molecular materials, drug design
  • molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and molecular mechanics simulations in biodisciplines.

  • Special issue from MIB 2013
    Please notice - deadline for contribution to Special issue of Journal of Molecular Modeling is till December 12th 2013. for closer details please see page "Important dates"

  • Winners of Student Poster Competition
    1. Mr. Dhiraj Sinha from the Institute of Nanobiology & Structural Biology Nové Hrady
    2. Mr. Ondřej Kroutil From the University of South Bohemia České Budějovice
    3. Mrs. Laura van Bergen from Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    We are grateful for sponsoring Student poster competition by Springer Publishing House, awarding the three best posters by vouchers for books worth 300, 200, and 100 Euro.
    Congratulations !!!

Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules will be hold sixth conference in MIB series - now in pictorial spa town Mariánské lázně in hotel Monty. The town, surrounded by green mountains, is a mosaic of parks and noble houses. Mariánské lázně are known due to their top attraction - theirs 100 mineral springs (53 of them are tapped) with high carbon dioxide content and often also higher iron content, both in the town itself and its surroundings.
Oficial town's web pages:


Previous years of the conference

Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules, Nové Hrady 2003, Czech Republic
Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules II, Prague 2005, Czech Republic
Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules III, Prague 2007, Czech Republic
Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules IV, Hruba Skala 2009, Czech Republic
Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules V, Kutna Hora 2011, Czech Republic

Some other conferences are displayed on the web-site:


Summer School 2013 on COnverged Distributed Environment for Computational Spectroscopy (CODECS) - see the web-site: http://


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