Excursions in Kutná Hora

  • September 6, 2011 - Tuesday evening

The concert of classical organ music at 19:00 and
a night guided tour of St. Barbara cathedral and St. James church.

The concert will be performed by Michal Hanuš, outstanding Czech organist.

Preliminary program of the concert:

  • Charles-Marie Widor Toccata
  • Louis-Claude Dauquin Noël Étranger
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata and fugue D minor
  • Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Sonata No.3 A major
  • Louis Vierne Symphony No.3 F-sharp minor 5.movement Finale
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata and fugue D minor, Dorian mode

The night tour of St. Barbara cathedral and St. James church is plan to start at 20:00 and 21:30, respectively.

  • September 7, 2011 - Wednesday afternoon.

An excursion to medieval age.

Hrádek: Czech Museum of Silver and medieval silver mine

Excursion include:

a) "The Town of Silver" (only in Czech - after one page with some text, basically only photodocumentation follows... ) and

b) "The Way of Silver" (only in Czech - not too much text again... )

Interesting facts about geology, archeology, development of Kutná Hora, history of Hrádek, life of "silver nobility", numismatics will be presented by professional guides. A visit of medieval mine, mining machines from the 16th century, medieval technology of mining and minting, miners' settlement will follow in second tour: "The way of Silver". The tour gives interesting details of the whole processing of the silver ore to a silver coin.

The excursion is plan to start at 14:00 and it will take about 3 hours. Participants will be divided to several groups (each goup may contains max. 25 people).

Note: From the safety reasons people suffering from claustrophobia, cardiac and respiratory diseases, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility are not allowed to visit the mine.

Photo gallery of interesting sights in Kutná Hora.